'Tis too late to be wise

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Diapason decouverte
The Times

"The Kitgut Quartet’s album seeks out antecedents among instrumental music from 17th-century England...It all makes for an ear-tickling album, superbly recorded and played."

Diapason // Ivan A. Alexandre

"Fantasia baroque, adagio classique : on croirait tout du long un unique instrument à seize cordes - en boyau et frottées par des archets anciens, d'où cette lumière tendre, ces tons lunaire, ce frémissement continu sans pudeur ni effet de manche."

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F. J. Haydn, H. Purcell, M. Locke. J. Blow

'Tis too late to be wise

Liberty, enthusiasm and sharing: that might well be the motto of the Kitgut Quartet (named for the ‘kitgut’ or catgut strings it uses), which brings together four outstanding soloists, all of them members of the leading period-instrument European ensembles. This first recording devoted to Haydn and England (Purcell, Locke, Blow) explores the origins of the string quartet via a number of carefully chosen gems. A journey through time with plenty of surprises in store![+].