Teatro alla moda

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Diapason d'or Le choix de France Musique 4 f telerama
Télérama // Sophie Bourdais

"Il y a de l'action, des retournements de situation, de la romance (l'andante solitaire du Concerto en si bémol majeur)... Tout cela est brillamment réalisé, joué avec coeur et esprit par des musiciens généreux au sein desquels le violin lyrique et virtuose d'Amandine Beyer paraît en majesté. Chacun pourra effectivement, comme nous y invite le livret, « faire [son] théâtre » à partir de ces concertos intensément expressifs et imagés.

Gramophone // Lindsay Kemp

"Every work here is a drama peopled with characters who make entrances, deliver monologues, start conversations. Naturally the solo violin is the lead, and Beyer laments deeply in the single-movement RV314a, flexes macho muscles in the crazy cadenza to RV228, ornaments entrancingly in RV372a and ensnares in the hypnotic final solo of RV391 [...]All this is achieved without tearing the music apart: flow, colour, lyricism and poise combine, and Vivaldi’s spirit lives to command the stage."

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A. Vivaldi (1678-1741)

Teatro alla moda

1720: in his famous pamphlet Il teatro alla moda, the composer Marcello satirised the excesses of new-fangled Venetian opera. Cadenzas, variations, ‘divismo’, virtuosity, popular dances, assorted sound effects: nearly three centuries later, each of the ‘qualities’ he mocked has provided the inspiration for this new release from Gli Incogniti to the glory of Vivaldi. The Prete Rosso who aroused Marcello’s patrician indignation could not have cared less about such formal taboos! His experiments, his spontaneity, his juxtapositions and contrasts served only one rhetorical cause: the theatrical dimension of his instrumental music. Take your seats [+]