Il Mondo al rovescio

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The Strad //Robin Stowell

«Beyer delivers perceptive accounts which are exhilarating for their technical dexterity (especially her cadenzas for the finales of RV562 and RV556. [...] She plays the lyrical slow movements with expressive subtlety and shapely phrasing, imbuing them with tasteful ornamentation and occasionally, as in the Grave of RV562, highlighting Vivaldi’s dramatic bent.»

Crescendo //Jean Lacroix

«Amandine Beyer et ses Gli Incogniti nous entraînent dans une nouvelle aventure vivaldienne, avec un Mondo al rovescio (un « Monde à l’envers ») plein de vitalité, d’imagination et de sonorités audacieuses. On ne va pas se priver du plaisir de savourer plusieurs « concerti con molti istromenti » du Prêtre Roux que la virtuose française décrit, dans un texte de présentation, comme un mage, qui se transforme, et qui nous transforme.»

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A. Vivaldi (1679-1741)

The World Upside Down

Vivaldi’s concerti con molti istromenti are true precursors of the symphony in their amplitude and audacity. In these pieces, the ‘Red-haired Priest’, a creator of boundless imagination, amused himself by devising literally unheard-of combinations of timbres. In the famous concerto Il Mondo al rovescio (The world upside down), he invited flutes, oboes and harpsichord to double violin and cello in a colourful whirlwind of parallel octaves. This recording by Amandine Beyer and Gli Incogniti provides an opportunity to discover these incredibly modern compositions. [+].