Beyond the limits

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5 stars bbc music magazine

5 étoiles classica

5 étoiles rondo

qobuz //Charlotte Gardner

«Not that it sounds as though Gli incogniti are being unduly stretched here. Au contraire, they’re tossing off even the most virtuosic moments of ensemble writing with cleanly articulated lightness, bounce and precision, with the sharp dynamic contrasts leaping out at you while never feeling uncomfortably exaggerated, and all with an infectiously joyous energy»

Baroquiades //Pierre Benveniste

«Avec les Incogniti elle [Amandine Beyer] montre la plus pénétrante compréhension de cette musique tour à tour apollinienne et dionysiaque mais aussi nous remue jusqu'à la moelle dans certains passages bouleversants. Avec Amandine Beyer, tous les musiciens sont à louer car cet ensemble sonne merveilleusement et fait preuve de la précision la plus rigoureuse sans rien sacrifier à l'émotion.»

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C. P. E. Bach (1714-1788)

Beyond the limits

With these six symphonies dedicated to Baron Van Swieten, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach multiplied the most advanced outbursts of instrumental and expressive genius. Entirely devoid of sentimentality and gratuitous extravagance, they open the doors to both Viennese Classicism and its immediate successor: Romanticism. It was only natural that, after tackling Haydn and the Esterházy Princes, Amandine Beyer and Gli Incogniti should investigate this repertoire in which, once again, aristocratic patronage lies at the heart of musical creation.[+]